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Immerse yourself in the ultimate spider experience with the 437 collection t-shirt, where the fusion of elegance, speed and futurism gives life to a unique design. Inspired by the impeccable weaving and unmatched speed of spiders, every detail of this garment is an ode to arachnid mastery. What really sets this t-shirt apart is the incorporation of carefully integrated details: the spider web patterns are made with a reflective material that you can choose between iridescent and white, creating a hypnotizing play of light and shadow. Each thread tells a story, the central spider seems to come to life with every movement, and the texts with the spider taking over the world are highlighted in 3D puff material, offering a tactile experience that complements the visual richness.

It is an art in motion that invites you to be part of WRLD DOMINATION.

Preparation and shipping

We will have 20 business days to make your garment and ship it or pick it up at a Workshop located in Temuco. If you are from another city, the shipping will be made by Starken and is not included in the price, but you can include it and pay for it at check out. . Unpaid shipments will be payable to the shipper at home or Starken branch.


Hand/machine wash delicate clothes with cold water, DO NOT soak, DO NOT iron. DO NOT use chlorine, DO NOT centrifuge. DO NOT twist

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